• lo nuong gas 6 khay costimo hso-101g3 hinh 1

Lò nướng gas 6 khay COSTIMO HSO-101G3

Mã sản phẩm: HSO-101G3
  • Hà Nội - 0937819999

    09022263580981863788Thùy Chi

    09378199990902226359Khôi Nguyên

  • TP.HCM - 0988566189

    09378199990937819999Nguyên Khôi

    09674585680902226355Quang Được

Model HSO-10E3
(10 Trays Electric)
(10 Trays Gas)
Capacity(GN) 10*1(1/1GN)
Dimensions W*D*H(mm) 901*868*1178
Eating Personnel 400
Electrical Power 15kW
Voltage 3N 380V 60/50Hz
Gas Consumption 22,000kcal/h
Rated voltage 220V 60/50Hz
Water Supply 15A
Water Drain 20A
Smoker Options selected
Basic Features Auto cooking 200
Recent cooking 200
5-steps auto cooking
Humidity Control 1%~99%, by 1%
Damper(Automatic exhaust of steam)
Convection fan rotating in both directions
Automatic Preheating
Rapid cooling(cool down)
6 steps of automatic washing
(steam>detergent>rinse>water>dry>power off)

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